Corner Post


The ideal post for making any turns greater than 45 degrees, up to 90 degrees, ensures clean turns and provides strong support


Upgrade your pool safety with precision and ease using the All Safe Corner Post, specifically crafted for mesh pool fencing installations. This innovative product is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and entry-level installers looking for a robust and reliable solution for creating turns in their pool fence layout. 

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction: Made from a sturdy 1 ¼-inch square structure, the All Safe Corner Post is built to withstand the rigors of outdoor environments, ensuring your pool area remains secured year-round.
  • Versatile Angle Management: Whether you need to navigate a 45-degree or 90-degree turn, the Corner Post stands as the most stable base for any directional change in your fence layout, maintaining both the aesthetics and integrity of your barrier.
  • Ease of Installation: Designed with the installer in mind, follow our installation video & installation drawings for marking and measuring around the post, so you can install with confidence and precision.
  • Secure Fencing: Integrates seamlessly into your fence layout, enhancing the overall stability and tension of your fence system. Ideal for use at critical points like gate entries or sharp turns in the fence layout.


Included Components:

  • Corner Post
  • Molding Strip
  • Deck Sleeve
  • Deck Plug


Installation Highlights:

  1. Accurate Deck Drilling: Utilize the unique measuring hack that involves drawing and aligning with a 45-degree reference line, ensuring precise drilling points for the inset Peg of the post. See our video for these key details. 
  2. Molding Attachment: The corner post allows for an adjustable approach to attaching border molding. Start with the bottom screw, stretch for a snug fit, and then secure fully to achieve a neat, taut finish.
  3. Optimal Placement: Always maintain a minimum distance of 12 inches from any adjacent poles to facilitate easy removal and adjustment of the corner post.


Additional Installation Notes:

For corner installations near gates or turns, the Corner Post is indispensable for maintaining tension and ensuring the stability of the fence. Remember to adjust your measurements to account for the slight space taken up by the molding on the post, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Whether you are a first-time installer or a seasoned DIYer, the All Safe Corner Post provides everything needed to ensure your pool fence is safe, straight, and professionally finished. Visit our Knowledge Base at for more detailed installation techniques and tips to enhance your fencing project.


Choose the All Safe Corner Post today and make your pool fence installation simpler, stronger, and safer!

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pole Type

1 Inch, Peg

Fence Height

4 Foot, 5 Foot

Paint Style and Color

Classic Black, Ultra Black, Ultra Brown, Ultra Gray, Ultra Tan

Product Style

Classic, Ultra

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