Pool Fence Molding Strips


Available Sizes:

  • Lengths: 48.5 inches (for 4-foot fences), 60.5 inches (for 5-foot fences)


Available Colors:

  • Classic: Black, Brown
  • Ultra: Black, Brown, Gray, Tan

What are Moldings?

Moldings are aluminum strips designed to secure the mesh material to the pool fence poles. They are fastened with screws and are compatible with both “peg” pole fences and 1-inch pole fences.

Hole Patterns on Molding Strips

Our molding strips come pre-drilled with holes that match the corresponding pole’s hole pattern. For example, “smooth” finish poles have a slightly different hole pattern than “textured” poles. While you can use the moldings interchangeably, be prepared to drill new holes if the patterns do not align perfectly.

Compatibility and Sizing

Can a 4-foot molding be used on a 5-foot fence?

  • If you need to replace a 4-foot molding strip, use a 48.5-inch molding.
  • You can cut a 60.5-inch molding down to 48.5 inches if necessary.
  • For a 5-foot fence, you must purchase a 60.5-inch molding.


Will an All-Safe molding strip work on another company’s fence?

The hole patterns and molding styles vary between manufacturers. In most cases, All-Safe moldings will be compatible. If the hole patterns do not align, you can drill new holes on your poles to match the molding strip.

Ensure your pool fence remains secure and visually appealing with our durable and versatile replacement molding strips. Choose the size and color that best suits your needs, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your pool area is safe and stylish.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Paint Style and Color

Classic Black, Ultra Black, Ultra Brown, Ultra Gray, Ultra Tan

Fence Height

4 Foot, 5 Foot

Product Style

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