Poolguard Inground Pool Alarm


Rest assured about the safety of your pool whenever you’re not around!

The Poolguard In-ground Pool Alarm comes certified by NSF International to meet the ASTM Safety Specification F-2208. Equipped with advanced electronic sensors, it effectively detects any entry into the pool, whether it’s children, pets, or intruders. With innovative sensing technology, the alarm minimizes false alarms caused by external factors like wind, rain, or small objects such as sticks or toys entering the water.


• Detects intruders
• Sits on deck
• Battery powered
• Low battery indicator
• Easy to use
• Completely portable
• Automatic reset
• Affordable price
• Important safety feature
• In-house remote receiver
• Horns are 85 dB at 10 feet
• NEW weatherproof design
• NEW sensing technology
• NEW microprocessor technology

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